VR developer has its sights set on Korea


Oculus is a VR developer with grand ambitions.  With great success on Kickstarter, they have decided to expand their reach into the Korean game development community by hiring Dillon Seo, the former Business Director for Scaleform.

A visit to their Kickstarter page will definitely inspire, with the likes of John Carmack, Cliff Bleszinski, David Helgason and Gabe Newell all singing the praises of their in-development headset, the Oculus Rift.

The Rift appears far from consumer ready, and Oculus clearly states that the first step is expose it to as many developers as possible.  Prospects look promising, especially with the enthusiasm shared by the aforementioned developers, all of whom are head honchos at studios that employ multi-platform engines.  If Unity, Unreal and Source could eventually run on the Rift, then that creates a lot of flexibility for the VR unit’s game development prospects; the development kit already runs a modified version of Doom 3 (no doubt the same version that Carmack was using to demo his own VR headset at E3).

Oculus appears to have a good mindset and business plan; there is no point in investing your efforts into creating a gaming device that cannot support quality software.  Let’s hope the Rift eventually makes it to retail.