New Grand Theft Auto Screens put you to work


For us, it’s the last day of classes, end of the work week, and the beginning of an uninterrupted 48-hours of relaxation.  But for the good citizens of San Andreas, Friday is just another work day in the latest pile of screenshots released from Grand Theft Auto: V called ‘Business.’

Of course, Rockstar may not mean “business” in the most traditional sense…

Photo: Rockstar Games

Vehicle Transport: We saw in an earlier screenshot from Rockstar’s ‘Transportation’ image set that San Andreas will be home to some very hot means of getting around, and just because the car isn’t yours doesn’t mean you won’t be changing that.  Not only does it look like you’ll be able to commandeer one of these vehicle transportation trucks, but notice the thug fending off the SAPD cruiser is in hot pursuit. Combine that with the notorious LA-esque highway network, and we know we’re in for some pounding highway chase missions.

We’re also very interested in the tire condition.  Do their off-kilter appearance suggest blown rubber, or is there an entirely new brand of damage being introduced?

Photo: Rockstar Games

Crop Dusting: In the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto: V, we saw one of these birds going about its duty, protecting the crops of San Andreas and pummeling the lungs of any unlucky workers caught in the haze.  This could also be a biplane, originally seen in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.  These tiny planes were able to pull off stunts and were much more maneuverable than their larger cousins.

Photo: Rockstar Games

Wanted: No alibi here, we know what “business” is going down in this shot.  Whatever the crime, the San Andreas law isn’t going to let you down easily.  What catches our eye first is the low-flying chopper. Previously, helicopters always kept an eye on your activity from a safe distance at three wanted stars or more.  Now it looks like they’re adding to the chase, and with the vague silhouette of a gunner hanging out the right door, you’ll need Ryan Gosling’s driving skills if you ever intend on making it out alive.

Photo: Rockstar Games

Stand-offs: Taking careful aim with an assault rifle, it looks like firefights could take an interesting turn in Grand Theft Auto: V.  You were able to take down helicopters before, but the appearance of laser sights will add in an entirely new twist.  We’re also interested in the building down there.  Knowing that Southern California is big on the entertainment scene, we’re guessing that it’s a television, radio, or film studio.  Will the industry play a role in this game?  Here’s hoping!

This ends Rockstar’s first week of screenshots on their Newswire blog.  Worry not GTA fans, they’ll be back in several weeks with an all new round of fresh ones.  Could this steadier stream of news mean a release date announcement on the way?  We can dream can’t we?