Enter the Skirmish on Carlac in Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures


Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is receiving a new combat-enabled zone according to Sony Online Entertainment. The new zone titled “Skirmish on Carlac” will feature new instanced missions, bosses to fight, and a new enemy type called “Death Watch Mercenaries”.

The new zone is available now, and if you fight your way through the battlegrounds you will be able to face off with Pre Vizsla himself. Sony Online Entertainment has released the full details which can be seen below. Interested in finding out more about the game? Head over to https://www.clonewarsadventures.com now to find out more and start playing (if you haven’t already).

Here are the full details:

  • 8 New Collections
  • 2 New World Bosses (IG-113 Magnaguard, Death Watch Sergeant Kellov)
  • 4 New Instanced Missions (3 Death Watch Camps, 1 Captive Village)
  • New Enemy Types (Death Watch Mercenaries)
  • World Area = Same Size as Umbara
  • 680 Individual Active Enemies in World Zone
  • 877 Individual Active Enemies in Instanced Missions