Demansol releases Valley of Death for iOS, moar zombies for everyone

I’m beginning to think the Zombie phase we are currently in isn’t going to end until Zombies actually appear, at which point everyone will be too tired of fighting them to care. We think we have the upper hand preparing for an attack, when in reality, they are slowly wearing us down before they begin their real assault…

Anyways, while marketed to us as a zombie game, Valley of Death is really more of a ‘defend your wall against monsters’ game, as most of the creatures you are fighting have absolutely no human resemblance. Enemies make their way from the right side of the screen over to you and your wall on the left. Your job is to shoot them down using whatever weapons and perks you have available.

Valley of Death is a 40mb download, priced at $.99, and requires iOS 4.0 or later. Those interested can check out the trailer below.

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