Konas Korner is bringing the party to you with a live stream of AveryCloseCall’s PAX party


PAX Prime, one of the largest videogame conventions out there, is just around the corner. It’s a place where thousands of developers and the gamers they cater to can come together to share in their love of videogames. More often than not, however, game developers are more likely to be berated if they do one thing wrong, rather than be praised when something goes right. Game developers put their blood, sweat, and tears(well maybe not blood, unless it’s rated M) into their projects. Avery Alix understands that, and so two years ago he started throwing a party for his fellow industry members before they attend PAX, as a way to give thanks to them.

As you might imagine, space is a commodity in an event that big, and the venue didn’t have enough room to open to the public. But fear not, Konas Korner has got your back! They will be hosting a live stream of the event at http://www.twitch.tv/averyclosecall. Here you can watch what’s going on at the party, and you’ll even have a chance to ask a few questions. Those in attendance will be developers, designers, pro gamers, project managers, artists,  and much more. Ever wonder how much time one puts in to dominate their tournament of choice? Want to know if the developers have any more plans to expand your favorite game? Or maybe you’re just curious as to why that game you’ve been looking forward to for so long keeps on getting delayed? No matter what your query is, you’re sure to find someone who knows the answer.

If this sounds like one of the greatest things you’ve heard of and you’d like to contribute to it, an indiegogo page has been set up here: http://www.indiegogo.com/paxpart to raise funds for the livestream. The party itself has been paid for by donations from attendees; this is a fundraiser to ensure that Avery doesn’t have to pay out of pocket for the stream. So if you’d like to support Avery as he supports those in the game industry, donate a bit before you drop in.

We hope to see you on the live stream and at PAX!