Iwata: “social component is mandatory”


Nintendo has been hesistant in the past to embrace the social network of gaming. That has proved to be a bad bet for the company, as social internet networks have given way to a whole new genre of causal games.

In a recent interview, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata talked about how Nintendo was going to embrace the social side of videogames with the Wii U.

“We have reached an era where even a single-player game experience [can] have a social component that is very important,” said Iwata, “And I think, again, that social component is mandatory.”

Iwata also discussed Nintendo’s decision to create its own Miiverse network rather than just use Twitter and Facebook integration.

“Facebook is something that connects you socially with a lot of different folks, but that doesn’t guarantee that the people you are going to have interactions with via Facebook are interested in games,” he said, “I feel that we need to create-or present-a gaming platform as the place to create that ‘social graph’ for folks who are in gaming circles, I guess. So that’s kind of the reason for creating Miiverse.”

We’ll be able to see how well Nintendo’s social network works when the Wii U launches this holiday season.