Max Payne 3 Hoboken Rooftops DLC – yours for the low price of $0.00


Max Payne is heading home today, but that doesn’t mean his life is going to be any more peaceful.

Rockstar certainly isn’t skimping on the content for the latest DLC accompanying Max Payne 3.  If you’re looking for an all-around map to engage in classic deathmatch modes, then you’ll definitely want to download the Hoboken Rooftops map.  Promising a satisfying experience for all play styles, snipers, CQ combatants, and everyone in between will find something to love about Hoboken, and you won’t pay out a dime for it.

As if that wasn’t enough incentive to jump back into the fray, new score modifiers have been added. Explosive rounds are also available to pack that extra wallop you’ve been dying to give that bloody camper.  Two new modes will also be included with Hoboken Rooftops.  Headshots Only is exactly what it sounds like, while Noir Mode lets you play in Arcade mode in gritty black and white.

No doubt this brand new map is already in your queue, so while you’re waiting for it to download, check out this helpful screen provided by Rockstar.  It’ll give you all the heads-up you need to take on anyone who stands in your way.