Raise a family in Skyrim with “Hearthfire”


Today Bethesda announced the second major DLC pack for Skyrim titled Hearthfire. In Hearthfire the player can buy a piece of land and build their dream home. Within your new home you will be able to build all the individual rooms ranging from a kitchen to an armory and even an alchemy lab. Bethesda states that you will have the ability to build anything from a small cottage to a huge sprawling estate. You can also hire a servant to help with all of the house chores and make the building process go faster.

In addition to home-building, Hearthfire will also let the player adopt kids and raise them. Just like in real life being a parent isn’t easy. You’ll have to feed them and play with them, as well as protect them and your new home from giants and whatever else lurks about in Skyrim.

Hearthfire will be available September 4th on Xbox 360 for 400 Microsoft Points. No other versions were announced at this time, but given the issues of getting Dawnguard on PS3 this does not come as a surprise.