Valve job listing promises new hardware


Gabe Newell and co. aren’t strangers to speaking their minds about the current hardware generation.  A few years back the Playstation 3 should have just started over (they since patched their differences with Sony) and Valve’s primary gaming console, the PC has recently received some harsh predictions from Gabe with the upcoming release of Windows 8.  Albeit, he hopes he’s wrong.

“No more,” says Valve.  A recent job listing has been posted, and soon, Steam might find a host on it’s very own first-party hardware system.  Looking for experienced Industrial Designers, the job listing shows that Valve is ready to innovate the job market.  Quote the employment ad, “We’re frustrated by the lack of innovation in the computer hardware space though, so we’re jumping in.”  For many gamers, this moment couldn’t come soon enough.  Will we see a fourth competitor in the videogame market in this coming generation?

Head on over to Valve’s career page where you can check out the Industrial Designer listing, as well as the numerous other opportunities they have posted.

Whether it’s an entirely new console that Valve is promising, or simply new hardware to help them bring their unique visions of gaming to reality, we know that the company is up to the task.  Let us know what your predictions are in the comments below!