Retro has never looked shinier than Double Dragon Neon


“50,000?  You got 50,000 in Double Dragon??”

50,000 was enough to impress Fred Savage in The Wizard, and for Double Dragon, 25 years isn’t a bad milestone either.  Debuting in arcades, and later ported to home consoles, Double Dragon has left a fist-shaped mark on the face of both the beat-em-up and gaming community as a whole.

Earlier this year, WayForward announced a reboot of the Double Dragon series called Double Dragon Neon.  DDN will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the classic tale of two dudes dispensing justice using their patented fist-meet-face technique. This upgraded gem will be available for download from the PSN on September 11 for $9.99.  Xbox 360 customers won’t have long after to wait.  You’ll be knocking out teeth with the best of them on September 12 at 800 MSP.

To keep your adrenaline at bay until then, Majesco just released some brand new screens from Double Dragon Neon straight from PAX!

Any retro gamers out there who can’t wait to jump back in with their ol’ pals Billy and Jimmy?  Give DD a shout out in the comments section below – we’d love to hear from you!