Introducing Verticus – a brand new iOS game from Marvel’s Stan Lee


Is there nothing Marvel co-founder Stan Lee can do wrong?  If this years Comikaze expo is any indication – then Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk would love to have a “chat” with any naysayers.

This year, Stan Lee opened up his second annual Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles with the announcement of a brand new mobile game.  As one of the faces in the crowd, it was exciting being among the first to witness this exciting debut.

Verticus is a brand new cosmic adventure coming soon to your Apple devices.  Similar to free-running games like Temple Run, Verticus is in constant free-fall, avoiding certain obstacles while acquiring other collectables.  The mission?  Stop the evil alien race The Obliterators (not hard to guess what they do…)

When Stan Lee took the stage at Comikaze, he was more than excited to show off his brand new character and game of the same name.  As a special treat for players of Verticus, the king of cameos will be voicing the in-game commander, dishing out orders to our hero.

Verticus will be available this fall for all iOS devices.  Stan was insistent throughout the announcement that this is a brand new hero that will be cherished just like Spider-Man, the X-Men, and all the rest of the Marvel universe.  He assured us that we would be hard-pressed to forget the name of Verticus.  And for those of you with iffy memories, the name of Verticus is, indeed, Verticus.