Meet the brains behind the beats of today’s horror games


For some movies, the aural aurora created by the film’s composer can be more memorable than the movies themselves (Pirates of the Caribbean anyone?)  Now that today’s videogames are always reaching new technological heights, we can expect some epic soundtracks from some of the biggest titles, some even comparable to today’s films.

If you have any game soundtracks committed to your memory (or at the very least, playlist,) and you’ll be attending New York Comic Con this weekend, then you’ll want to check out the “Maestros of Horror and Sci-Fi Music” panel.  There, you’ll engage in a Q&A as well as a meet-and-greet with some of the videogame industry’s top composers.  Names like Jason Graves (Dead Space), Cris Velasco (Mass Effect 3, Jericho), and Tom Salta (Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary) will be sharing their insight on making music for the expansive field of videogames.

The panel will take place on Friday, October 12 from 12:15-1:15pm ET at booth #1075 in the Javits Center at NYCC.  It’s a great opportunity to learn about your favorite games and how they got the music that made your experience all the more memorable.  Aspiring artists will also find the panel very educational.  If you plan on going to NYCC in a few weeks, let us know what your plans are!