Sony introduces the Playstation 3: III


Ok, so that may not be the official Sony dubbed name, but I’ll be danged if I don’t leap at the chance to call Sony’s newest iteration of their latest game console the PS3:III.  The PS3 cubed?  The PS Thirty-three?

Never mind.  Sony’s announced a new version of the Playstation everyone!

While Nintendo is gearing up for the launch of the WiiU, and Microsoft is spending some time in Rumorsville with their upcoming console, Sony is still staying true to the ten-year model they promised with the Playstation 3.  Out as soon as this Tuesday, September 25, several new versions of the PS3 have been announced at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

So what’s new?

Aesthetically, we’re getting a sleeker, slimmer design.  Sony is claiming over half the size and weight of the original systems, and the internal volume and weight will be sliced by 20% and 25% respectively from the model currently on shelves.  Consumers will also have the choice between the classic black, as well as a shiny new white Playstation.

Let’s talk guts.  Initially, the brand new Playstation will only be available in the US in a 250GB model. The console will cost $249 stand-alone, and bundled with Uncharted 3 and a copy of DUST 514, $269 – not a bad deal for twenty extra dollars.  Looking for a bit more storage and a more recent game tie-in? For $299 and an extra month’s wait, you’ll be able to pick up the 500GB PS3 bundled with Assassin’s Creed III on October 30, the same day AC:III hit’s store shelves in the states.

The newest Playstation 3 will also be bundled with a nifty stand to give you the option to keep it stored on its side or standing up.

So what do you think?  Has Sony finally sold those of you on the fence?  Will you long-time adopters pick up the newest addition to Sony’s Playstation family?  Do you just want the PS4 already?  We want to know!  Shout out in the comments below, we won’t bite!