Dust 514 exclusive to PS3—EVE Online is directly affected by play

Dust 514 is an extremely high-risk game. Are you prepared to lose some items and money?


Earlier today, GameSpot’s Jonathan Toyad interviewed the lead developers of Dust 514 and EVE at the Tokyo Game Show about what fans of EVE Online could expect from this spin-off and how it related to the ongoing MMO. And while the official release date is yet to be announced, the interview was illuminating. Ólafsson and Emilsson explained that while EVE was so expansive and has been going on for so many years, it was lacking in many ways. Sure you can visit galaxy after galaxy and explore planets, but you could really only use them for resources (sound familiar Mass Effect fans?).

So they thought of what kind of activity could be worth further exploring the massive world of EVE Online. The answer came as mercenary work. This we pretty much already knew, but now they’ve gone into further detail about the structure of the game, the possibilities, and the consequences.

They revealed terrifying prospects like using your own points and money to build outposts on planets while hiring other mercenaries…even starting your own corporation in Dust or joining one already created in EVE. Every single action now is directly linked to both games, and if you’re not careful you could be on the losing side of a very frustrating campaign. But you can create your own squads and join other people’s squads. The ship control difficulty has been increased while the vehicle controls have been vastly improved.

All of this leads to an exciting and dangerous level of gaming. At first they give you a break, letting you ease into the controls and structure of Dust, but that will not last. You will be putting in your time, work, and creativity into something that someone from across the world can snatch away from you—and destroy if they so wish—while you’re at work or the movies. This means you have to build teams. This means you have to use high levels of strategy. Can you handle this kind of realistic pressure that comes in the later portions of the game? Watch the GameSpot interview for the remaining details of what is sure to be a most stressful and rewarding MMO FPS!

Thanks to gamershavennews.com and gamereviewplus.com for the images.