First screenshots for PS Vita Oboro Muramasa released

To bring Marvelous AQL’s day of giving to an end, they decided to let us have a look at the Playstation Vita port of their Wii title Oboro Muramasa which released in 2009. Oboro Muramasa is a very unique Action RPG by the way it presents itself in the form of a scroll with pictures. I suppose it can be quite difficult to describe, so please view the trailer below for the Wii version to see gameplay so you will understand what to expect from this one. This will not simply be just a port though. Here are the confirmed changes we know so far:

DLC will be available which wasn’t present in the Wii title

The DLC will add four additional characters, giving them each their own scenario

Oboro Muramasa is scheduled to release on March 28, 2013. There has been no pricing details yet or localization discussion. We will keep you apprised if there is a change on either or both of these fronts.

Screenshot gallery