Help save kittens through Project Greenlight!

Edge of Space, a game by Reverb Publishing and HandyMan Studios, has recently broke the top 50 on Steam’s Greenlight project. In order to reach the top ten, they need every gamers help. In honor of one of the games’ characters, an armored space cat, Reverb Publishing is issuing a pledge to donate money to The Humane Society if the game gets approved for release on Steam.

If Edge of Space is approved by the deadline of October 15, 2012 through Project Greenlight, they will donate $5,000 (£3,096.07) toward providing care and safety to homeless cats.

If the game does not get approval we all know what will happen to those poor cats. Helping out is easy. By voting yes, gamers are helping Edge of Space’s armored cat come to Steam while also helping homeless cats. Everyone wins! Just click here to vote yes to start helping out those cats.