Awesome new launch trailer shipped out for Carrier Command: Gaea Mission


An exciting new launch trailer for vehicular combat/strategy title Carrier Command: Gaea Mission has been released by developer Bohemia Interactive. The game is available now for Windows PC and Xbox 360 platforms worldwide and Marek Španel, CEO and founder of Bohemia Interactive took the time to talk about what makes the game special.

“Gaea Mission delivers everything I loved about the original, and much more”, said Španel. “The action-packed, strategic gameplay, combined with the open environments and stunning visuals, make this a melting pot unlike anything else. It is one of those games, I and many passionate gamers like me have been longing for.”

Gaea Mission offers a reported 33 islands to battle on, and a range of customizable combat units to wage war with. From the trailer, the game looks pretty awesome and I am definitely going to play it myself when I get the chance. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think. (**Warning this trailer is intended for audiences 16+. Only press play if you are 16 years or older.)