Get cranked: Mountain Dew is ready to fuel your tanks.


In 2007, gamers everywhere were ready to “Finish the Fight” with Halo 3.  And with the launch came, to say the least, an interesting tie-in.  Thought by me at the time to be a bit excessive, Mountain Dew launched their infamous line of Mountain Dew Game Fuel.

However, once the Spartan themed soft drink it hit my lips, I was hooked.  The citrus/cherry blend was only enhanced by the rush felt post-consumption.  Needless to say, Game Fuel gives you that jolt to keep you playing, or doing whatever it is you need with that extra spark of energy.


Since Halo 3, Game Fuel was released in celebration of World of Warcraft, and Modern Warfare 3.  This month, Mountain Dew is taking Game Fuel back to its roots and not only ringing in Halo 4 properly, but they’re doing it with a multi-XP bang.  Right now you can head on over to, register your Xbox 360 Gamertag, and on October 15, start logging away codes that will be redeemable towards double XP in Halo 4’s multiplayer.

Bonus XP codes will be available on all marked Mountain Dew Game Fuel and Mountain Dew products. Specially tagged bags of Doritos chips will also offer double XP.

Some may turn their noses whenever this promotion rears its head, but as a longtime soda and videogame fan, I implore the naysayers to give Game Fuel a try before you bash it.  “Principles” aside, this is a damn fine soda, and my heart titters even a bit whenever “Game Fuel time” rolls around once again.

Halo 4 will be released on November 6.