New trailer for the console version of Terraria released, showcasing gameplay.


Back in early 2011, developer Re-Logic released Terraria, a 2D sidescrolling game with focuses on building with blocks and exploring the world. While it was first pegged as a Minecraft clone, Terraria was determined to set itself apart, focusing more on the adventuring than the building.

With numerous updates adding monsters, items, and features, Terraria soon built itself up to be a fan favorite clearly distinguishable from Minecraft. Unfortunately the updates had to stop eventually, and sure enough Re-Logic announced that they were done updating the game. Luckily developer 505 Games was there to pick it right back up; and they have been working on a console port of the game.

Today they’ve released a teaser trailer displaying the gameplay and hinting at new content. Terraria will arrive on the XBLA and PSN soon, and in the meantime you can catch a peek at the game here.