Spoiler alert! “Hacker” discovers XBLA’s titles and reveals them to the public.

It seems that someone decided to spoil the XBLA fun and put a grin on our faces at the same time. User “milkybar1983” from the NeoGAF forum seems to have done some sleuthing behind the firewalls and revealed the cover art of 36 unreleased titles, several of which haven’t even received announcements yet. Prior to that, he posted a link which contains the cover art of every Xbox Live Arcade game to date, getting close to 600 titles in total. By the wording in his posts, he admits to snooping around on Xbox.com itself.

Though it is true that these titles weren’t precisely mind-blowing secret information, I have declined to provide links to said posts, or subsequent follow-ups from other reputable sites—save for this snapshot of the main body of art exposed—because I have a difficult time encouraging this kind of unprovoked behavior. No matter how awesome some of these unnounced titles may look. If there’s more on this later, and I very much doubt Microsoft will let this go quietly, we will report any new information!

Thanks to game-insider.com and gamesbeat.com for the images!