The AbleGamers Foundation announces first stationed Accessibility Arcade in Washington DC MLK library

Isn’t this a site for sore eyes!?  The AbleGamers Foundation (which was founded in 2004) has brought us a marvelous herald, indeed one of great tidings!  On October 10th this year The AbleGamers Foundation will have an open ceremony to commemorate the first permanently stationed accessibility arcade in the Martin Luther King public library branch in Washington DC.

“This is really one of the finest days in the history of the organization,” said Steve Spohn, Editor-In-Chief of The AbleGamers Foundation. “This is a tremendous victory for disabled gamers everywhere. But moreover, it’s a victory for everyone who has ever worked with, contributed to, and especially donated to the foundation.  We would like to thank each and every one who has helped and will continue to help the disabled gamer community. ”

Projects like this one are something that we all can aspire to, and one that personally makes me feel proud of what these guys are doing.  Everyone has the right to play videogames, it just takes a step up from all of us to help some fellow gamers out.  No longer will too many hands be too short to play at the arcade, or the controller just too big.  I hope that one day more of these arcades will be all over the USA.  And who knows?  Maybe even your very home, with the people that you like to hang out with.  Maybe one day.

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