Official Vita launch trailer for Silent Hill: Book of Memories

Now that’s talent! Holding an axe in one hand and an automatic in the other.


With all the Resident Evil fans and critics duking it out right now, I’d like to remind everyone that there is one more horror favorite coming under fire. Silent Hill: Book of Memories. I hate horror games almost as much as I love them. I hate ’em because under the right situation they make me screech and stub my toe on the coffee table. And I love them…because under the right situation they make me screech and stub my toe on the coffee table. I mean—back in the day—there was no greater feeling than your index finger twitching against the R1 button with tingles going down your skull as you rounded the next blood-soaked corner. Or that time you were about to pick up a stash of clips because you only had five rounds left and that mutated dog crashed through the window.

So what’s going on with Book of Memories? Silent Hill has always been about survival and horror, perhaps even more than Resident Evil. But are we really seeing that here? It really looks like an action shooter with little survival elements in it. Even with the unique endless-play that is promised with the “re-write” ability, and even with the strong co-op built into it, it just doesn’t feel like part of the Silent Hill series.

Maybe I’m being too judgmental. High-octane shooters-an-slashers do deliver more excitement. And when you’re hunched over a small device like the Vita, maybe you don’t want to creep around for thirty minutes just to save your batteries. What do you guys think? Watch the trailer. Am I being too sentimental?

Image courtesy of  IGN