Wii U Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate playable at NYCC

Good news, Monster Hunter fans! If you’re going to be attending the New York Comic-Con this weekend, you will have a chance to try out Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on either the 3DS or Wii U. Capcom has stated that if fans wish to try out the game, then head over to the Monster Hunter room in their booth. They will also be holding a tournament in room B101 in the convention hall for fans to win prizes, including a copy of the game.

Here is a schedule for that tournament below:


1:00-1:40: Hunt the Lagombi (easy)
1:50-2:30: Hunt the Plesioth (medium)
2:40-3:20: Hunt the Brachydios (hard)


2:10-2:50: Hunt the Lagombi (easy)
3:00-3:40: Hunt the Plesioth (medium)
3:50-4:30: Hunt the Brachydios (hard)

On Friday, it will be free play all day. On Saturday and Sunday, free play will be available when the tournament isn’t taking place. So, if you’re going to be attending NYCC this year and you love Monster Hunter, be sure to check out the Capcom booth and tell us all about it when you return!

Additional details can be found here: Capcom announces Wii U Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate playable at NYCC