Darkfall: Unholy Wars new screenshots!

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Today, the fine folks at Aventurine gave us eight new screenshots from the highly-anticipated Darkfall MMORPG sequel, Darkfall: Unholy Wars. And these shots are incredibly detailed! Darkfall: UH boasts an incredible amount of content, and to see these kinds of screens just a month away from its release is encouraging.

Unholy Wars promises to bring thousands of players together at the exact same time—on one server—for fast-paced combat with full-loot player vs. player capability. You build clans in order to engage in warfare on both land and sea, looting any and all goods from slain enemies. But you need to remember, your character’s brutally-slain body is also subject for loot!

You can switch between all the different character classes and their skills, ability boosting gear, and spells entirely at your discretion. Just make sure someone’s got your back while you’re doing it! Darkfall: Unholy Wars for the PC is still set to warm its engines and hurl you into Agon this coming November 20th. You can follow Unholy Wars at their facebook, twitter, and their “epic blog”. Enjoy the screenshots and get prepared to scream at your monitor next month!







I realize this must be immature…but five bucks says you can’t walk through that mountain pass in the background without being tempted to look up!