Gaming on the new iPhone 5 – Real Racing 3

The newly released iPhone 5 cell phone offered a larger and improved screen along with a more powerful processor and graphic processor.

These both are great for any power savvy application but they’re even greater for games.

It’s no secret that the mobile platforms (iOS and Android) are often used as a mobile gaming platform. With today’s HD/Retina displays and 2-4 core CPUs – these mobile devices are capable of running high end games in real life graphics.

Recently, EA had released a demo of their new iPhone game called Real Racing 3. The demo is shown on a new iPhone 5 device and the graphics is simply breath taking.

Check out the Real Racing 3 demo here:

Another point that is worth mentioning is that the upgraded mobile devices brought not only real time and high end graphic games to the user’s pocket,
They’ve also brought in wider types of gaming such as role playing, mind games and even casino games (and up until recently, I read in this guide that you can also play casino
games such as poker on your iPhone).

There’s no doubt that as the iPhones and Smartphones out there advance we (as gamers) gain impressive mobile gaming abilities and graphics.