Kick your friends in the face with Dragon Ball Z for the Kinect!

Alright fine, you probably shouldn’t be kicking your friends in the face, but you can at least pretend to with Dragon Ball Z for the Kinect, which ships to North American retailers today.

The Kinect edition features a “Story” mode and “Score Attack” mode, where you can fight opponents 1 on 1 to get a high score. You’ll also be able to choose from over 50 characters in the Dragon Ball Z universe, and learn more than 100 of their over-the-top moves. The game will also include an episode of the anime that was never aired in the US or Europe titled “Episode of Bardock”.

While stocks last, certain copies of the game will include free Goku hair, and a pass that unlocks bonus characters and power-ups.

Dragon Ball Z for the Kinect is now available at North American retailers for $39.99.


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