PS3 controls for Final Fantasy XIV detailed in Famitsu

In this week’s Famitsu, details have emerged for the control scheme of the Playstation 3 port of Final Fantasy XIV. Those features are listed below:

Much like the PC version, the player can set up an XMB style menu to access main commands

Every in-game action can be given an icon (and color coded as well, should you choose to do so)

Players will control commands through use of the shoulder buttons and the d-pad. The d-pad will be assigned to controlling the four horizontal lines at the bottom of the screen. Commands will be split among Up, Down, Left, and Right. L2 and R2 will allow you to switch between the groups. A maximum of eight commands can be accessed with combination of d-pad and shoulder buttons

Macros can be set just like the PC version. By pressing both shoulder buttons at the same time, you are able to choose from different palettes. Eight macros can be assigned to a palette, however… Even though eight are accessible, it is not common for a class to have all. Each class will be allowed to register their sets individually

Credit goes to: Game Nyarth