Ravaged – Inside the beta action with 2 Dawn’s developers

I bring to you a rare treat that was bold and fun to experience.  At around 6 PM today I had a chance to play Ravaged with some developers and fellow journalists.  Haven’t heard of Ravaged yet?  Picture this: post apocalyptic hell zones filled with blood, guns, and the smell of oil.  Ten vehicles to choose from and more are coming (don’t worry, I got some teasers for us!)  Fast paced, intense action that thrills you to steal some more gas!

Playing with the people that made the game felt great.  They answered all of our questions no problem.  A few things that I asked:

“Will there be any DLC available in the future?” – YES!

“What inspired the game?” – Mad Max

“Will there ever be a story or lore?” – No, although there is some brief description of the general synapse (The land has been torn apart by natural disasters, each map has it’s own niche) they did mention the working of A.I. but it doesn’t look like bots will be with us anytime soon.

“What were you trying to accomplish overall with this game?” – Action Packed battles with strategic team work and a good time.  It’s not your serious 10-4 roger alpha bravo jar head kinda shooter.  It pushes the envelope and isn’t for the entire family.  (Unless your family is all over the age of 21, then it’s a totally family friendly game)

Alright, lets check out the Tractor Tank which will be with us soon!

The game comes out October 17th ladies and gentlemen, I hope to see you whether it’s dirt caked desert wasteland or arctic tundra.  For those of you who have been playing, I have an in game screen shot with the developers in a map you may have not seen.  “Icebreaker”  Nothing special but it is a glimpse as to what awaits.