Zone of the Enders 3 listed on Amazon Italy

Does Amazon Italy know something that we don’t? Apparently they seem to think so. It has been discovered recently that Amazon Italy has listed Zone of the Enders 3 for pre-order on Playstation 3 and XBOX 360. A few months back, it was reported that a new Zone of the Enders title was in development, but it was simply titled, ‘Enders Project’. It hasn’t been officially confirmed or denied that this is a sequel.

Regardless, Amazon Italy has certainly opened a can of worms here. So, what do you think, guys? Is this a hoax or do you believe this listing could be leading to an announcement soon regarding the release date for this title?

Credit goes to: The Silent Chief

Amazon Italy – Zone of the Enders 3 (Playstation 3)

Amazon Italy – Zone of the Enders 3 (XBOX 360)