He-Man is coming to iOS this fall!


Grab your plastic toy Power Sword and put on your spandex because a new Masters of the Universe game is being released to coincide with the franchise’s upcoming 30th anniversary! The game is going by the title, He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe, and is to be a side-scrolling beat em’ up with some RPG elements. There are 27 levels taking place throughout the land of Eternia and other areas that will be familiar to fans of the series. Many iconic villains will be appearing as well to thwart He-Man’s attempts to save the land including, Beast Man, Mer-Man, Megator, and of course, Skeletor. The game has been designed to have the look of a cartoonish, yet updated version of the original show, which should please fans.

The game is to be released on October 12, and is announced for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. No other platforms have been announced but anything can happen in the gaming industry, so in the meantime, raise your Power Sword in the air and click on the link below to check out images from the title. You should probably lower your sword first though, you look ridiculous.

Click here for images!


Image Sources: 1065thearch.com / popcracker.com