Primal Carnage enters open beta!

Out of the seemingly endless supply of indie multiplayer first person shooters, Primal Carnage offers the chance to hunt the hunted.  Indeed the dinosaur market is a type of gem that hasn’t really shined in the gaming world.  Realistically the only real dinosaur stand out title is Turok, but Primal Carnage is here to exhume the dinosaur fossil and give you glorious battle with tooth, claw and tail.  As a human, you of course get an arsenal of destruction, all from the first person view.  However, as a dino you are in the third person view. This was intentional on LukeWarm Media’s behalf to give players a feel of real action between the two species.

So far there is only a Team Deathmatch mode that has been announced, however, more game play modes are set to come in the future, as well as DLC.

Haven’t got your beta key?  Head over to and test your luck.  I might just see you as a tasty walking slab of human din din.