Space sim icon Chris Roberts announces new title.

Chris Roberts, the legendary creator behind Wing Commander, Freelancer and Privateer, announced at  the Game Developers Conference today that his development studio, Cloud Imperium Games, is working on a new space sim called Star Citizen.

Roberts said that the game is already 12 months into production, and will rely primarily on crowd-funding to support its development. He even made some pretty ambitious statements, saying that Star Citizen will re-establish the PC’s position as the best possible gaming platform on the market today.

The game will be available as a one-time purchase, and will include some ships and items that you’ll be able to purchase through in-game credits.

While no official release date has been announced, Roberts confirmed that the game definitely won’t be out within the next two years. On the plus side, fans who help fund the game will have access to the game a year before its official release.

If you’re a fan of Robert’s work or the space-sim genre in general, be sure to support the developers in making this pretty impressive looking game!



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