The Secret World Game Director Joel Bylos talks about his vision for the game

As we reported back in September, The Secret World developer Funcom recently hired a new Game Director for the MMO franchise in the form of Joel Bylos, a longtime designer at the company who had the opportunity to take on new roles.

Now Bylos has addressed players in a new letter posted on the official The Secret World website, where he explains his vision for the future of the game in fair detail, and also talks about the criticisms of the game.

“Looking at reviews, ‘The Secret World’ scored everything from 90 to 40. I have never before seen an MMO that has been both praised and criticized to such an extreme extent as with ‘The Secret World’. One minute PC Powerplay gives us a solid 90 saying ‘I love this game unequivocally’, next Quarter-to-Three slaps us with a 40 saying we have been ‘…unable to make the game we designed’. Some reviewers loved the game, others did not and that is completely understandable. On the other hand, if we look at user scores, we are one of the highest rated MMOs on MetaCritic the past decade and on we come in second place on the list of top voted games in front of some the most critically acclaimed MMOs ever released,” says Bylos in the letter.

He also spoke about his excitement for the upcoming release of “Issue #4”, which he describes as a “treat” for players of The Secret World.

“Issue #4: Big Trouble in the Big Apple’ is going to be a treat for people who enjoy amazing battles. We are packing tons and tons of good stuff into that update that truly builds on the strengths of the game. We are reaffirming the strength of the modern-day setting by introducing the first raid set in a devastated New York City where players must battle a towering Eldritch horror in the ruins of Time Square. And you can forget about trash mobs and gunning it to get to the end boss as fast as possible; in true ‘The Secret World’ style we will be using the raid to tell a story and immerse our players into our world’s rich atmosphere.”

Interested in reading the full letter? Head here for the full scoop on all the exciting updates coming to The Secret World.