E.X. Troopers demo due next week

If you’re anything like me and you’ve been hyped since day 1, you’ll be glad to know that a demo for this game is coming out next week! I’ll try to hold off my excitement until I finish writing this, so please bear with me, heh. *takes a deep breath*

Okay, so it seems Capcom has announced that the demo for the 3DS version will become available for download on October 17th through the eShop. The demo for the Playstation 3 version will be available a day later on the Playstation Network.

The demo will include:

One single player mission

Two co-op missions

Please keep in mind, the Playstation 3 version has online play while the 3DS will not, so the co-op for the 3DS will be through local play while the Playstation 3 version will have co-op through the Playstation Network. The only reason I’m saying this is because there has been some confusion from some regarding this release, but for whatever reason… The 3DS version does not have online capabilities. Just something to keep in mind for those getting it.

If you still haven’t seen some gameplay yet, check out our previous article and view the gameplay video to see if it piques your interest. *exhales*

I’m so hyped for this game and there’s only one more month to go before it releases! I’ve got every calendar marked for November 22nd! Yeah!

Okay, I think I’m good now.