PS3 surpasses 5 million unit mark in UK


In an announcement made to the press today, Sony Computer Entertainment UK revealed that the Playstation 3 has reached five million units sold in the United Kingdom. The PS3 was launched back in 2007, meaning an average of about one million units sold per year. The announcement comes shortly after the revealing of the new even slimmer Playstation 3 which is set to replace the current slim.

“This is another historic moment for the PlayStation brand, and something I’m incredibly proud of. I’d like to thank all our consumers, retailers and 3rd party partners for helping us achieve this figure, and look forward to continued success,” said Fergal Gara, VP and Managing Director UK & Ireland.

Sony also took the time to promote the new slimmer PS3 during the announcement, which they say weighs in at around half the weight of the original PS3. It truly is amazing what five years can do in the world of technology, and the fact that they are able to produce the same product with half the weight impresses me.

Check back soon for more updates on everything Sony, as always we will try our best to keep you in the loop.