E.T. iPhone home

Do use those torches and lower your pitchforks before you jump to any conclusions people. This, thankfully, isn’t your dad’s E.T.

Universal and Electronic Arts subsidiary Chillingo have announced a brand new mobile game, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the acclaimed Steven Spielberg classic E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. For the first time ever, E.T. fans will be able to explore ET’s homeworld and meet others of his kind.

In E.T: The Green Planet, You’ll reunite ET with his very wise teacher Botanicus. There, you’ll hone your abilities by creating, growing, and nurturing the plant life. Cross-breeding will allow you to create hybrids never before seen on the planet. And you’ll be able to contact Earth using recognizable artifacts from the movie.

E.T: The Green Planet is a free game available on the Apple App Store, and available for all iOS devices. Check out the trailer below.

And we promise – collecting Reese’s Pieces is a thing of the past…