New DmC Devil May Cry trailer released

Recently, at Comic-Con, a new trailer was shown for DmC Devil May Cry and additional details were given for the game. For starters… There is a demo planned to be released before the January 2013 launch date for the game. The release date for the demo hasn’t been announced though. Also, there was only talk of a demo for the console versions, not the PC version.

Secondly, it seems the PC version will be running at 60 FPS, whereas the console versions will only be running at 30 FPS. More information regarding Dante’s parents will be given as you progress through the game and upon your first completion, you will be granted a few ‘novelty modes’ (I’m really not sure what this means, sorry). I’m sure you’re just itching to see the new trailer though, so check it out below and tell us what you think of the game so far, guys.