New .hack game in the works

In a recent interview with Hiroshi Matsuyama, President and CEO of CyberConnect2, he announced that a new .hack title was in development. The interview took place at Comic-Con in New York. Here is what he told the news gaming outlet, Gematsu, when asked about what to expect with this new title:

There is actually a .hack title that has yet to be revealed, in which we will implement new ideas. Stay tuned for details, as we’re not allowed to release them right now.

Hiroshi Matsuyama then went on to say that the game is being designed with both platforms in mind (probably referring to console and handheld like a PS3+Vita or 3DS+Wii U combination). It is also a completely new game, not a HD edition (although I hope this isn’t out of the question!). We will follow this closely (especially myself since I’m a .hack fan, heh) and let you guys know when we hear any more developments with this story.