Chimichangas! Deadpool spews news on his upcoming game.

Deadpool of the Marvel comics universe is one of the few characters that not only breaks the fourth wall, but kicks it from its hinges and refuses to pay for the damages. This weekend, the Merc with a Mouth took a break from his on-page duties to attend New York Comic Con (can he do that??)

This year, Wade Wilson was announced to have a video game in the works. Then, at NYCC, we got our next chunk of news about Deadpool from the man himself: the mutant/hired gun Domino will be a part of the Deadpool storyline. With the ability to sway events in her favor, it will be interesting to see how her power gets factored into gameplay. Might we even get to step into the boots of Domino, and twist things to our favor for a chapter or two?

In the past, Domino has sparred with Deadpool in ink, and she has somewhat of a vile relationship with Mr. Wilson. She knows full well that the merc’s mouth is one of his most useful weapons. This should make for some interesting dialogue between the two in Deadpool. Clearly from his Q&A, we can tell that things aren’t going to be the smoothest between the two. “…this is kinda like that:  a date.  I figure her Mutant power will help her ‘get lucky’ with me.” the merc continued, “Cross your fingers for a happy ending!  Did we mention that she is stupid hot?”

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