New Dead or Alive 5 DLC available today

Today, a new batch of DLC will be available to download on the Playstation Network and XBOX Live. There are three packs in total and a bundle which includes them all. So, let’s see what’s included in these and how much you’ll have to pay for each, shall we?

Special Set includes an overalls costume for Kasumi, a panda shirt for Lei-Fang, a fiend version of Hayabusa, and a rather revealing black dress for Lisa. This pack is priced at $4.99/400 MS Points.

Kitty Pack is… Just as you probably guessed, a pack full of catgirl costumes! Who all gets one? Helena, Tina, Christie, and Lisa. This pack is also priced at $4.99/400 MS Points.

Lastly, we have the What a Character pack. The pack includes barmaid outfits for Hitomi and Mila as well as a bartender outfit for Rig. Last, but not least, it includes a masquerade dress for Lisa. This pack, once again, is $4.99/400 MS Points.

The bundle for all of these can be purchased this week on XBOX Live for a total of 1,040 MS Points. Playstation Network users will have to wait until next week to purchase it for $12.99. Check the screenshot gallery below for pictures of the costumes.

Screenshot gallery