The next Skyrim DLC is taking to the skies!

You’ve gotta love hackers sometimes. Some big reveals in gaming have been made due to them getting curious with some coding and lifting the proverbial curtain to tell the gaming world about a new character, maps, or in this case, DLC. Skyrim’s third expansion is supposedly titled “Dragonborn” named after the game’s main character, also known as Dohvakiin.

Now the only knowledge we have to go off of is that a hacker got into the coding of the next game update, 1.8, and found some source code which reveals new armor (mounts for horses and possibly dragons are implied), quests, and seemingly reveals the name of the DLC, which is what it’s currently going by. Another clue is that Bethesda trademarked the term “Dragonborn” like they did a while back with “Hearthfire”, which we all know is a DLC that is currently available. Just putting two and two together practically confirms this news. The biggest thing about this, is that the DLC is to be set in Solstheim which, you’ll know if you’re a long-time Elder Scrolls fan, is the setting of the Morrowind expansion pack, Bloodmoon.  So having a whole new area to explore will certainly excite any fan who has a maxed out lvl. 81 character (like myself, huehuehue) and will be a new stretch of nostalgia for those who loved Morrowind and it’s expansions.

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