Pokemon + Infinity Blade + some zombies = Kasimono

When this new Kickstarter project by Fryza crossed my desk, I had to do a double take. As an avid mobile-gamer, I have sunk many hours into both Infinity Blade I & II. Fryza has worked on Infinity Blade II, as well as other developments for Epic Games, so they are no slouches when it comes to game development. Add some Pokemon, which I have scoured the App Store in search of a decent clone of this, and some zombies, we are left with an unlikely hybrid inĀ Kasimono. The game appears to pack a punch content-wise, with a single player adventure, multiplayer battles, badges, and 130+ Kasimono creatures. With subsequent pledges and funding goals, the number of creatures to catch will increase, along with an increase in platforms in which it will be available. So far, Kasimono has been announced for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and PC, but this could change with increased funding. Here is a list of the funding goals:

$550,000 – Yay! Game gets made!

$750,000 – 200+ creatures, global tourneys, player creation trading, Mac/Android (phone and tablet) versions

$950,000 – 300+ creatures, Kasimono Fire & Ice versions, Apple TV/Airplay supports, and localizations

$1,200,000 – 400+ creatures, Nintendo Wii version

$1,500,000 – Playstation 3 version

Head over to the Kasimono Kickstarter page for more information, and don’t forget to watch the Kickstarter video with Bane, Batman and the League of Shadows.