Farewell, Commander Shepard. The newest Mass Effect installment moves on.

The last thermal clip has been spent for Shepard.


Whether it be Mass Effect 4, or a creative spin of Mass Effect, BioWare Montreal producer Fabrice Condominas confirmed to VG247 that the trilogy involving Commander Shepard has officially ended. A new hero is being called to battle, and they are working very hard to ensure that the newest Mass Effect experience doesn’t regurgitate our first one.

“This is really our starting point. Now the Mass Effect universe is vast, and very, very rich. So at this point in time, we don’t even know what kind of time frame we’re going to be in. All we’re doing is more gathering ideas from the teams, gathering feedback to see several things.”

They’re promising that they’re not going to waste our time with similar fields, with similar characters, similar plots, similar situations. BioWare is digging deep to ensure that when the new face of Mass Effect is revealed, you’re going to know full-and-well that you’re not playing a watered-down version of the character we bled and sacrificed with.

But who could possibly fill the role that we’ve spent countless years and hours with? We played out multiple scenarios to get different endings, murdered innocents, sacrificed friends, and even stood in front of gunfire for strangers. We explored the entire galaxy from planet soil to asteroid belt. Who else could be just as bad-ass as Shepard? And perhaps more importantly, what time-construct are we going to find ourselves in?

What say you gamers? Is it even worth getting excited about? As for me, I’m entirely too nervous!



Image courtesy of creativeuncut.com