Anarchy Reigns: Western release date set!

New Year’s Resolution: Don’t stop cuttin’, ’til they stop movin’.

Well it’s about time! As some of you may know, Anarchy Reigns is a Platinum Games title that was released to Japan as Max Anarchy earlier this year in July. And now for the rest of us, we have our release date! Anarchy is set to hit North American shelves on January 8th of 2013, and will hit Europe’s shelves on January 11th, 2013.

For those of us west of Japan, we’ve been jerked around for the good part of a year, but now it looks like our turn has—cross your fingers—finally come!  But you need to remember that just a few months ago not even Platinum Game’s executive producer, Atsushi Inaba, was told of Sega’s Western delay. Sooo…sit tight and hope that the New Year brings us all sorts of gory combat goodness. Just in case any of you have put Anarchy out of your minds—and who could blame you—here is the launch trailer from the beginning of this year! Crank up the volume and get excited again at your own risk!