Happy Birthday, Steam Workshop!

Today, the Steam Workshop has been around for one whole year! A year ago, Team Fortress 2 showed off the fun and quirky content its users could think up, leading to some of the insanely awesome content produced for games like Skyrim and Portal 2. At this point in time, I believe I have at least 40 subscribed mods for Skyrim alone, with many more unsubscribed due to conflicts with other mods or abandonment of updates. For any of those looking for some really good content, you should check out ThirteenOranges channel for an assortment of impressive Skyrim quests and mods, as well as muppetpuppet’s Moonpath to Elswyr. I am totally taking my Khajiit thief assassin to his homeland of Elswyr as soon as I reconquer the main story line.

The Steam Workshop now includes content for Civilization V, Legend of Grimrock, and Dota2. There are even user made games that are available through GameMaker: Studio. With over 55 million downloads through the Steam Workshop, I think we can expect many more games to add their name to the list of the 16 titles available to download content for.

What are some of your favorite Workshop items? Post some suggestions for some sweet add-ons in the comments section below, then head over to the Steam Workshop and start downloading.