MMO Addicts? This one’s for you

Today we are introducing you guys to, a new social gaming site that covers, you guessed it, MMO gaming. It allows members to submit articles and videos themselves similar to Reddit with the most popular posts of the day appearing on the homepage.

The site also has a massive MMORPG list with well over 350 games listed and categorized. Not only can you find news, previews, trailers and more, but gaming contests and giveaways for access to many of the games beta’s. Visitors can also find gaming guides ranging from intro to leet guides so they can beef up their characters.

Reviews are of course a huge part of any gaming site and MMORaid does not disappoint. Not only can you find multiple reviews from dozens of sites, but also an average score for each game. The site also features a trending “Hot Now” list featuring the most popular MMORPGs of the last 90 days.

If you’re an MMO addict, then MMORaid is the site for you. Keep up with all the latest rumors, news and videos your heart desires.

About the author: Gilad A
Gilad A.
Gilad had been gaming for years (and we do mean years). Being nearly 40 years old Gilad had managed to play nearly anything from the old Atari 80 consoles to the latest gaming consoles.
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