New Disgaea game announced to mark 10th year anniversary

In a recent stage event held in Chiba over the weekend to mark the 20th anniversary for Dengeki, Nippon Ichi Software revealed the mystery behind ‘Project: D’. Project: D is actually titled Disgaea D2 and is a game to mark the 10th year anniversary of the franchise. What does the ‘D’ stand for, you ask?

Shogo Kozakai, the game’s producer, said in this case it will mean “Dimension”, but it will also mean “Dramatic” as well as “Destiny”. These will play a key role in the game. He also wanted to bring Laharl back for this anniversary since he is the one who began the series, so in turn… This title will be a sequel to his story. During this event, pricing as well as a release date was also announced along with Limited Edition details. Here are the details:

The title is scheduled to release on March 20, 2013 for Playstation 3

The Standard Edition will be priced at 7,140 yen

The Limited Edition will be priced at 11,340 yen

The Limited Edition contains a figure of Etna and Flonne, a hard cover art book, and the OST for the game

– Pre-order the game and you will get a “Legacy Ver.” redeem code which grants you access to costumes for Laharl, Etna, and Flonne

The Opening Theme will be performed by Minori Chihara

You can view the game’s teaser website below as well as pictures from the event in the screenshot gallery.

Teaser website

Screenshot gallery

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