Tropico 4 “Pirate Heaven” DLC now available for PC, later this year for consoles

Yo ho ho ho, does it be a pirate’s life for ye?

For those playing as ‘El Presidente’ in Tropico 4 on PC, you can grab the newly released Pirate Heaven DLC and turn your island into a pirate’s paradise. This adds a whole mess of pirate-inspired gameplay elements, as your minions can now resort to piracy as means to make you rich. You’ll be plunderin’ and ransackin’, pillagin’ and hijackin’, bringing the ire of those you wrong in the international community. Of course, you’ll have to be ready for the subsequent retaliation after you’ve had all that fun with your victim’s ship.

Tropico 4 – Pirate Heaven is now available through the Kalypso Launcher or other digital outlets. Those playing on consoles will have to wait til later this year.