Two new DLC content packs announced for XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Take Two Interactive have announced that they will be releasing two DLC content packs for their latest turn-based strategy title XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

The first content pack, titled “Slingshot”, will take XCOM players to China, adding three new maps to the game’s single-player campaign. It’ll also add a new squad member to the current XCOM roster. As you can probably tell, information regarding the content packs is pretty sparse at the moment. There’s no official release date for Slingshot, and information regarding the second piece of DLC content is yet to be announced.

Take Two have also announced that the “Elite Soldier” pack, which was given free to all players who pre-ordered the game, can now be purchased for a price of 400MS points/$4.99.

Take Two will be keeping us updated, so stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks!



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