Far Cry 3 – Enter Hoyt

Far Cry 3 is just over a month from launch, and Ubisoft has been gearing fans up with a series of trailers. Today, we were introduced to the rule-bending tyrant/psychopath who is simply known as Hoyt.

Take the Joker’s affinity for making up rules, mix it with the leadership skills of Keyser Soze, and put it in the body of Resident Evil 5’s Ricardo Irving, and you’ve got Hoyt, the leader-to-be-feared. In the recently released trailer, we see he gains no end of enjoyment from torturing whoever looks at him funny, whether they’re captive or “friendly.”

Far Cry 3 lands on store shelves on December 4. You’ll be using every skill possible, as well as a variety of weapons to take down Hoyt, as well as other threats, including wildlife, that will be pursuing you on the island.